So you are broke and you have been trying everything you can to attract more money into your life and then you receive a bill in the mail…..

What happened???  It’s a little something called Law of Attraction which simply says like attracts like.

Instead of thinking about how much money you do have, you are thinking about how much money you don’t have and that experience is what is being brought into your reality, so you are attracting more reasons to not have money into your life i.e. bills!

So what can you do when you have bills to pay or a bill arrives?

Every time you pay a bill simply write it down or say out loud 10 reasons you are grateful to have received what the bill is for.

This is all about shifting your energy to be grateful instead of creating a scarcity mindset.

Let’s take a simple example so you can see what I mean.   The electricity bill arrives you don’t really have the money to spare but you know like attracts like so you need to stay positive.

So as you pay the bill and to counter your negative thoughts you come up with a list of 10 reasons why you are grateful for the electricity.

Which could be obvious ones like

  • so you can turn on your lights at night
  • you can cook meals
  • you can turn on the heater when it’s cold
  • you can wash your clothes
  • you can charge your mobile phone and iPad
  • you can watch tv shows
  • you can use your computer to stay in touch with loved ones and friends
  • keeps the fridge going to keep your food cold
  • keep medical equipment going
  • make yourself a coffee with your coffee machine

Whatever you are grateful for will be brought more into your life, be grateful for what you do have and you will be given more things to be grateful for.